Climate change hoax is falling apart

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Re: Climate change hoax is falling apart

Post by mister_coffee »

The only hoax is from people who argue it isn't happening.

There are three key parts to the hypothesis:

The first part was discovered by the Nobel-winning scientist Svante Arrhenius in 1896. He showed that atmospheric carbon dioxide plays a key role in regulating the atmospheric temperature: more atmospheric CO2, higher temperatures. He established this using basic principles of physical chemistry that are still taught in university today.

The second part has to do with direct observations that the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing. From about 316 parts per million in 1959 to about 418 parts per million in 2022. (Source: ... -historic/ ).

The third part is about where that additional CO2 came from. The obvious suspect is burning fossil fuels, just by the sheer quantity of CO2. But also because of the particular isotopes of carbon being found in atmospheric CO2 (lots of carbon-12, very little carbon-14, relatively less carbon-13) points to fossil fuels as well. (Source and fuller explanation: ... sed-humans ).

I think you can have a debate about how quickly things will change, and to a lesser extent on how large those changes could be. You can't squeeze your eyes shut and pretend it isn't happening, though. Unless you can tell me how any of the above three points are wrong. And for them to be wrong they have to be very wrong, and our understanding of physics and chemistry also have to be very wrong. I don't think they are wrong.
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Re: Climate change hoax is falling apart

Post by just-jim »

Global warming is happening. You cant explain the science away with some crackpot economic article.

Yes, China is ahead in battery production. But it is a distant 3rd in Lithium mining, so they don’t necessarily hold an advantage. The US and Europe are catching up quickly in both battery and EV production. ... ium-world/ ... h-america/ ... -ev-models

The article seems to take issue with subsidies. Yes, substantial Government investment and subsidy has occurred to make this happen – that was EXACTLY the point of Biden’s infrastructure bills.

Such infrastructure help puts EVs and battery plants on the same footing as all the other industries that received - and continue to receive – government grants, low/no cost loans, below market rate insurance, price supports, tax breaks/credits or other subsidies. That would include petroleum, car and truck manufacturing, steel, railroads, trucking, aviation, computer chips, electricity production, water development, logging and mining, etc etc etc. And each and every stage of every sort of agricultural production – food crop, animal, grain or textile - in this country for nearly 100 years. Agriculture alone has received $478 Billion of subsidies from 1995-2021. $205 Million of that came to Okanogan County.

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Re: Climate change hoax is falling apart

Post by Rideback »

I do get a kick out of articles like this. Who ya gonna believe, the guy who uses the failure of Solyndra and Ken Lay as examples of hoaxes that have nothing to do with observable climate change or your own eyes? Interestingly, the article never lived up to your headline, it didn't even link to any stats or actual analysis.

2023 is acknowledged to be yet another record breaking hot year, even hotter than 2016 which broke the record for hottest.
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Climate change hoax is falling apart

Post by Jingles »

Looks like the climate change hoax is falling apart at the seams ... ding-crash
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