Fani Willis UNLOADS on Jim Jordan!

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Re: Fani Willis UNLOADS on Jim Jordan!

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Her case is popping with revelations daily. The GA laws do not protect jury members from their names being available to the public so once the GJ came up with their indictments immediately Trump followers began scouring for information on them. One of the sites that promoted complete information was the infamous Parler, which is now hosted in Russia after it was booted out of the US. This information came out when the Fulton County Sheriff's office made it public that the FBI was working to get the information taken down but they had hit a wall since the Russians refused.

So Fanni Willis is requesting that the jury be protected with a cloak of secrecy. Her office is also receiving death threats and ugly attacks.

Jim Jordan's antics are stirring the pot of anger when he has no right to expect DA Fanni Willis to comply. What Trump and Jordan are not taking into consideration is the jury pool's reaction which may end up being very angry that they are threatened and subsequently more inclined to vote to send Trump and his co defendants to the clink. Just ask the two election workers that have sued and won a defamation case against Rudy G after he put their lives in the crosshairs of the MAGA crowd.
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Fani Willis UNLOADS on Jim Jordan!

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Fulton County GA District Attorney - Fani Willis - has responded to Jim Jordan (Rep.- Crazytown, OH)…and she has unloaded on him for his misguided, thinly veiled threats and actions, replying to a letter he sent her a couple weeks ago.
Gym Jordan’s letter here: ... gation.pdf

A daily Kos piece with bits and pieces; ... Jim-Jordan

The Willis letter: ... letter.pdf

The letter is worth reading. Nice to see someone stand up to the clowns like Jordan!
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